Change User Permissions

How to Change a User's Permissions Role

As a Moderator, Administrator, or Creator, you have the ability to promote, demote, or ban other users. You can do this by clicking on their user name to go to their profile page and then clicking on "Change Permissions." If you are not familiar with the different user roles you can learn about them on the User Permissions page.

Change  User Permissions - Wetpaint Central

When you click the "Change Permissions" button, a pop up window will appear as shown below. As a Moderator, you can promote people to either Moderator or (on private wiki's) Writer. As Administrator, you can promote people to Moderator, Writer, or Administrator. *You may not promote someone to a rank above yours. *Administrators may not demote the Creator.

Change User Permissions - Wetpaint Central

Promoting Moderators

Promoting users to Moderator status will give them access to more editing capabilities and it will give you some helping hands on the site. Although you should never count on others to do your job for you, there is nothing wrong with volunteer help from your promoted users. In fact, it will help to build a solid online community and give people a reason to participate in the site on a regular basis.

Note: If you promote a user and they are unable to use their new privileges, ask them to sign out then sign in again.

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