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What is a Bug?

Computer Bug - photo by HilA bug is typically some kind of glitch, flaw, or error in the code that causes an outcome that is different than what is intended by the software design. This basically just means that something is not working the way it was designed to. Keep in mind that a bug is not the same thing as a virus despite the similarity in medical terminology. Avoid leaving comments that that don't include all the information listed below.
Please read everything listed below before reporting a bug.

What to Do

If you've received an "Oops!" bug page, please try clearing your browser cookies before reporting a bug here. Instructions on clearing your browser cookies can be found on our Browser Support page.
Here are an example of one "Oops!" Page:

Report a Bug - Wetpaint Central

Common Issues

  • Site creation process interrupted. Try reloading the page.
  • Easy Edit menu not loading. Verify that you are using a supported browser and have JavaScript enabled. Try clearing your cache/cookies.
  • Message pops up "We're sorry, an error occurred." Click OK and ignore the message.
  • Widget can't be added. Make sure you are using a flash embed or an Iframe code.
If you're having trouble with the content of a particular wiki, that's something to take up with the Moderators of that wiki. WikiFoundry cannot control content or comments created by other users. The comments on this page are reviewed daily. While we try to be responsive in a timely manner, we don't comment on future release dates, and it may take us several days to respond to an issue. Including appropriate information makes it possible for us to review the problem - without this information it's really hard to help!
- The WikiFoundry Crew

Further Reading

How to Report Bugs Effectively - by Simon Tatham

How to Report a Bug

Please include the following information if reporting a bug:

  • The URL of the site or page where you encountered the problem.
  • Your web browser and operating system you used when you discovered the bug.
  • As much detail as possible (what, where, how, why, when?)
And answer the following questions in your post:

  • What were you doing right before the problem?
  • Describe what you saw when the problem happened.
  • Describe any error messages you received.
  • What were you expecting to happen?
1. Please sign in if at all possible so we know who you are!

2. Report bugs you've found by posting a new thread below.

Show us a screen capture
If you are able to take a screen capture that shows the problem, you can share it with us by adding to the User Reported Bugs photo album. Be sure to include your username, site info, and a description with the photo.

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