The WikiFoundry Community

If creating a website is a new experience for you, it may seem like there is a great deal to learn. The WikiFoundry community is here to help.
How we Interact
WikiFoundry websites are designed to encourage interaction through the use of threads on the bottom of pages or accessed through the discussion forum.
The WikiFoundry Community - WikiFoundry Central

Threads are used like a forum on WikiFoundry Central to ask questions, comment on features, post tips and tricks, and discuss a wide range of topics related to WikiFoundry websites. You can also interact and communicate with other users using friend requests, private messages, and compliments.The Wetpaint Community - Wetpaint Central
Other Important Stuff
If you come across an issue while using WikiFoundry, visit the Browser Support page and make sure you are using a supported browser. While there, read the instructions on how to clear your cache and cookies and delete them to see if that fixes your issue.
If the above does not fix your issue, post a thread and our staff will help you resolve the issue to the best of their abilities.

Also, be sure to visit the
Wiki Code Of Conduct and read the WikiFoundry Central Rules to learn how we roll.

Meet Other Users
If you are looking for a place to tell others about your community or find out what kind of sites other users are building, be sure to check out the WikiFoundry Classified Ads site. This is the appropriate place to post any "come visit my site" messages. If you have a particular user in mind that you would like to invite, send them a private message.
Please do not advertise your site here on WikiFoundry Central.
Finding Answers
If you have a question, begin by browsing the Help section here on WikiFoundry Central. If you don't see your question addressed there, try using the "Search this site" box in the upper left corner of the page. If you still haven't found the answer to your question, visit the Ask and Answer page, and post a comment. You can also browse comments on any page by expanding the list of visible comments. This is done by clicking on "view all" at the bottom of the page.